Bucle For con SASS o SCSS

Hasta la llegada de los preprocesadores, los bucles, condicionales o las variables eran conceptos que no tenían nada que ver con las hojas de estilo, pero eso ha cambiado. No es que sea nada puntero, de hecho a estas alturas me parece inconcebible que no se considere algo así como un estándar de facto cuando para cualquier proyecto, pequeños incluidos, acelera el desarrollo y hace que sea más mantenible, es decir, vital.

ListView scrolling inside BottomSheet

I’m working on a personal project that uses a ListView inside the new widget BottomSheet and I found one issue. When the BottomSheet is expanded and the ListView is totally visible, you can scroll down, but when you try to scroll up, you drag the BottomSheet instead of the ListView.

I worte one class that extends the original ListView and solves this. It scrolls the ListView by default, but has two ways to determine if should scroll the BottoomSheet instead of the ListView.

WordPress plugin: emm-portfolio

Ir order to standarize the two versions of the Material for Coders WordPress theme that has a GitHub version and a WordPress directory version (one with an auto-updater and portfolio features and the other without them) I created this plugin to sepparate the portfolio features and reduce the differences between versions.

WordPress theme: Material for Coders

Material for Coders is a WordPress theme that I made from scratch. It is very easy to use but I think it might be nice to have at least one page for showing a bit of documentation, roadmap, changelog and everything else that can be related to the theme.

You can view the code and download it or create issues on GitHub or use WordPress to install.