WordPress theme: Material for Coders

Material for Coders is a WordPress theme that I made from scratch. It is very easy to use but I think it might be nice to have at least one page for showing a bit of documentation, roadmap, changelog and everything else that can be related to the theme.

You can view the code and download it or create issues on GitHub or use WordPress to install.

A few points about the theme:

  • Available in englishspanishfrench and brazilian portuguese.
  • It is open source and completely free. Because what you give to the community, the community you get it back.
  • It is based on Bootstrap (called Material, but it does not use Material Lite or Materialize. I know).
  • Was made thinking on developers, and works very well combining text and pre tags, you can check this blog.
  • Bootstrap is fully integrated, you can use his components by hand writing them, or by using a plugin like Bootstrap Shortcodes (it works pretty well).

Customization options:

  • You can enable or disable the sidebar (always or only in small screens).
  • You can choose between three four different color schemes.
  • You can change the footer phrase.
  • It haves 2 widget zones (optionals): sidebar and footer.
  • You can use a custom logo by uploading the image, or use the default text title.
  • Choose to show or not the featured image, in lists or single’s by separately.
  • Show post excerpt or full content (until the «read more» tag).
  • Support for Jetpack’s infinite scroll.

Some examples of use

  1. This site, obviously (now using Marmota)
  2. hela03.es (now using Marmota)
  3. vasili.es
  4. lennyobez.be (Collaborator)

If you want to be shown here, use the contact form.

Next things and works

  1. Home page with specific widgets and more, work in progress.
  2. Complete the translation. Now available in english, french, spanish and portuguese, if you want to contribute, use the contact form.

Thanks to

  1. Nick Williams, developer of Headroom.js. Integrated in the header.
  2. André Knieriem, who has developed simple-lightbox. Integrated in the portfolio.

Comentarios (19)

Great theme, but you should add the author’s name next to the date, tags, etc. This is important visually, but also bots harvest this (see Google’s Data Highlighter, as part of the Webmaster Tools).

Thanks Alan. I will consider your suggestion. Will likely be added in future updates 🙂

Really liking this 🙂 Can you tell me how you produced the highlighted text above, in the «Some Examples of Use» section? Is this part of the theme or separate?

Hi David.

The theme comes with full integrated Bootstrap. This means that you can use all the classes. In this case, it’s a label.

I recommend you the plugin Bootstrap Shortcodes, it enables a toolbar in the WordPress editor with some Bootstrap elements.

But remember to disable the two checkbox in the plugin configuration to avoid the double load of the Bootstrap.


Sorry, another question for you Josep. I’m finding that images on widgets are being left justified and I’m being told it’s because of the theme. Is there an easy way to switch this off? I’ve tried, for example, Github WordPress Widget.

I’m loving the theme, by the way.


Isn’t a theme issue. In fact, the Github WordPress Widget plugin comes with practically no css, only a few lines that aren’t related with the avatar.

In this video of the author you can view a very similar result and this is the plugin current CSS.

If you are using Easy Profile Widget, take attention to the widget Gravatar Alignment setting.

Hope that this helps you.

Thanks. I did try that widget too and although I changed the alignment of the avatar it remained above the text. It was the author of that plugin that told me this was a theme issue!

Is there an issue with the implementation of Bootstrap? I’ve tried the recommended Bootstrap shortcode plugin and am finding that some of the features don’t work – e.g. the dismiss button on the alert box. I’ve tried other Bootstrap plugins and am finding the same problem. I tried a test site with all other plugins switched off with the same issue.

I think I may found the issue – it only fails when I deactivate the version of Bootstrap included with the plugin – i.e. I only have an issue if I use the version of Bootstrap included with the theme. Rather than have Bootstrap loaded twice, is there a quick way to disable the theme version?

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