WordPress plugin: emm-portfolio

Ir order to standarize the two versions of the Material for Coders WordPress theme that has a GitHub version and a WordPress directory version (one with an auto-updater and portfolio features and the other without them) I created this plugin to sepparate the portfolio features and reduce the differences between versions.

The plugin also enables the portfolio to other themes. This is the current list:

  1. Material for Coders (for developers)
  2. Burton & Miller (for designers, beta version available)

How to install

The plugin isn’t in the WordPress directory, at least at the moment. To install, go to GitHub, download and install. Note that GitHub can add a -master at the end of the name. To avoid future problems, rename and remove this.

[bs_button size=»md» type=»primary» value=»Download plugin from GitHub» href=»https://github.com/emmgfx/emm-portfolio»]

Import old projects

If you are previously using the Material for Coders theme through GitHub and you are using the portfolio, after the update to the version 2.0.0 your projects may be invisible. The reason is that you now need the plugin to this. After you install it, in the plugin settings you can find a very simple project importer. Press the import button and that’s all. Now your projects are enabled for the new system.

If your projects appear but the project details still inaccesible, this is a WordPress bug, but it have a fast, secure and simply solution: Go to Settings / Permalinks and save changes. Now the details are visible.

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